Why does Be Next choose AWS? Advantages and tools of the solution

Be Next offers Microsoft workload migration services to the AWS cloud that goes beyond simple Lift & Shift. Through the use of managed services, it’s possible to take advantage of the benefits offered by AWS, maximum costs, cloud costs and Operations’s related costs

If on the one hand EC2 is the compute pillar on which the workload rests, on the other hand our experience teaches us that the adoption of services such as AWS Microsoft Active Directory, FSx for Windows Fileserver, RDS SqlServer allows to minimize the maintenance activities on the cloud infrastructure and at the same time guaranteeing the maximum in terms of performance, service redundancy and cost optimization.

Windows on AWS Services

EC2 for Microsoft Windows

IaaS service that provides secure and scalable compute capacity in the AWS cloud. It supports Microsoft Windows and SQLServer workloads.

AWS Managed Microsoft AD

It’s based on the actual version of Microsoft AD and is a manageable solution with standard AD administration tools.

FSx for Windows Fileserver

a fully managed, highly reliable and scalable file storage accessible via the industry standard SMB protocol.

RDS SqlServer

Service that simplifies the configuration, operation and scalability of SQL Server deployments in the cloud. Enables you to deploy SQL Server in minutes and with resizable reprocessing capabilities.